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Episode 1: Introduction and Overview

Episode 2: ‘Samurai Warriors 2’: The Best Game in the Franchise [Sponsored by Anchor]

Episode 3: The Many Faces of Saika Magoichi [w/Sponsor]

Episode 4: Cao Cao and Oda Nobunaga [w/Sponsor]

Episode 5: Naoe Kanetsugu, Defender of the Uesugi [w/Sponsor]

Episode 6: Hachiōji Castle [w/Sponsor]

Episode 7: Matsunaga Hisahide: Villain of the Warring States? [w/Sponsor]

Episode 8: Hiragumo [w/Sponsor]

Episode 9: Shima Sakon [w/Sponsor]

Episode 10: Tachibana Ginchiyo [w/Sponsor]

Episode 11: The Tōhoku Sekigahara Campaign [w/Sponsor]

Episode 12: The Siege of Ueda, 1600 [w/Sponsor]

Episode 13: The Kyūshū Sekigahara Campaign [w/Sponsor]

Episode 14: Other Sekigahara Sideshows [w/Sponsor]

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!: Episode 15: Oiran Buchi

Episode 16: Momochi Tanba [w/Sponsor]

THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!: Episode 17: The Legend of the Sanada 10 Braves [W/Sponsor]

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!: Episode 18: Christmas in Sengoku Japan [W/Sponsor]

Episode 19: Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan Review, Episodes 1-3 [W/Sponsor]

Episode 20: Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan Review, Episodes 4-6 [W/Sponsor]