The Honnōji Incident

Date(s): June 21, 1582 Armies: Oda vs. Akechi Casualties: Unknown number for both sides   The Honnōji Incident was a coup brought on by Akechi Mitsuhide against Oda Nobunaga in the early morning hours of June 21, 1582. This is one of the most significant events in the Sengoku Jidai, with the end result being … Continue reading The Honnōji Incident

Kyōgoku Maria

Kyōgoku Maria in Sengoku BASARA 4. Kanji: 京極マリア Date(s): 1543-August 20, 1618 Other Known Names: Yōfuku-in Azai clan mon Kyōgoku Maria was the daughter of Azai Hisamasa and the older sister to Azai Nagamasa. Very little is known about her, the only place being on Wikipedia, which is strange considering that she is claimed to be … Continue reading Kyōgoku Maria


Kaihime in Samurai Warriors 4 Kanji: 甲斐姫 Date(s): circa. 1572(?)-17th Century (year and cause of death unknown) Other Known Names: N/A Hōjō clan mon Kaihime was an onna-bugeisha from the Narita clan who served the Later Hōjō clan. She is well known for her grace and beauty, being called “the most beautiful woman in east Japan”, … Continue reading Kaihime

Ii Naotora

  Ii Naotora in Samurai Warriors 4. Kanji: 井伊 直虎 Date(s): 1530s(?)-September 1582 Other Known Names: “Female Landlord”, Jirō Hōshi Ii clan mon Ii Naotora was a daimyo and possible onna-bugeisha during the reign of Oda Nobunaga. She was the only daughter and only child of Ii Naomori, the eighteenth head of the clan, and … Continue reading Ii Naotora

Ōhōri Tsuruhime

Ōhōri Tsuruhime in Sengoku BASARA Yukimura-den Kanji: 大祝鶴姫 Date(s): 1526-1543 Other Known Names: the “Joan of Arc” of Japan Kono clan mon   Ōhōri Tsuruhime, or simply known as Tsuruhime, was possibly an onna-bugeisha who fought against the Ōuchi clan in the early years of the Sengoku Jidai. She was the head priestess at Ōyamazumi … Continue reading Ōhōri Tsuruhime

Ashikaga Yoshiteru

Kanji: 足利 義輝 Date(s): March 31, 1536-June 17, 1565 Other Known Names: Ashikaga Yoshifuji (or Yoshifishi), “The Sword Shogun” (“Kengo shōgun”) Ashikaga clan mon Ashikaga Yoshiteru was the thirteenth shōgun in the Ashikaga Shogunate. Reigning from 1546 to 1565, Ashikaga Yoshiteru has been claimed by historians as the last effective shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate. … Continue reading Ashikaga Yoshiteru

Maeda Keiji

Date(s): c. 1543-1612? Kanji: 前田慶次 Other Known Names: Soubei (young adult), Keijirō (young adult), Toshihiro (adult), Toshioki (adult), Toshisada (adult), Toshitaka (adult), Takuto (adult), Gokuzou-In Hyosai (senior), Ryuzaiken Fubensai (senior)   Maeda clan mon Maeda Keiji, also known as Maeda Toshimasu, was the adopted nephew of Maeda Toshiie and a samurai of great mystery to … Continue reading Maeda Keiji

Blessed Takayama Ukon

Kanji: 高山右近 Date(s): c.1552-Feburary 3, 1615 Other Known Names: Dom Justo Takayama, Iustus Takayama Ukon, Hikogorō Shigetomo Beatified: February 7, 2017 Feast Day: February 3 Attributes: Sword, Crucifix, Samurai robes Patronage: Persecuted Christians, Japanese immigrants, University of Santo Tomas Graduate School Takayama Clan Mon Blessed Takayama Ukon was a Roman Catholic kirishitan daimyō, martyr, and … Continue reading Blessed Takayama Ukon

Imagawa Yoshimoto

Imagawa Yoshimoto, left, facing death at the Battle of Okehazama. Kanji: 今川 義元 Date(s): 1519-June 12, 1560 Other Known Names: N/A Imagawa Clan Mon   Imagawa Yoshimoto was a daimyo for the provinces Suruga and Tōtömi and was one of the most powerful leaders in the Tokaido region until his death in 1560. Yoshimoto was … Continue reading Imagawa Yoshimoto

Saitō Dōsan

Kanji: 斎藤 道三 Date(s): 1494-1556 Other Known Names: Saitō Dōsan Toshimasa, the Viper of Mino Saitō clan mon             Saitō Dōsan was the daimyo of Mino, the father of Nōhime, and the father-in-law to Oda Nobunaga. He was an oil seller and priest before he became a daimyo and fought mainly against Oda Nobuhide until … Continue reading Saitō Dōsan