Welcome to the Blog (2023 Goals)

For those who have been following me for the past few years on social media, know that a change comes to the website every year. Sometimes its removing something, while other times, its adding something. This year, I’m adding a new part to the website that came out of two things that happened in 2022. … Continue reading Welcome to the Blog (2023 Goals)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Kanji: 豊臣 秀吉 Dates: 1536-1598 Other Known Names: Hashiba Hideyoshi Toyotomi clan mon Toyotomi Hideyoshi is the second of the Three Unifiers of Japan, and was the first to accomplish the dream of unification. Little is known of him until the 1570, however, what is known is that he was born into a peasant family. … Continue reading Toyotomi Hideyoshi