The Eiroku Incident

Ashikaga Yoshiaki in Samurai Warriors 5 In short, the Eiroku Incident can be described as the following: it is a collection of events that began with the assassination of Ashikaga Yoshiteru and ended with Ashikaga Yoshiaki’s installment as shōgun. It is a complicated time in Sengoku history, mainly due to the power vacuum that was … Continue reading The Eiroku Incident

Siege of Ueda, 1600

Ueda Castle Forces: Sanada (Western Army) vs. Tokugawa (Eastern Army) Numbers: 2,000 (Sanada)/38,000 (Tokugawa) Casualties: Unknown The Siege of Ueda was a battle that took place just days before the Battle of Sekigahara, which took place on October 21, 1600. The battle was fought between the Sanada clan, at least the part of the clan that sided with … Continue reading Siege of Ueda, 1600