Other Sekigahara Sideshows

Map of Japan before Sekigahara Sekigahara was not just the battle that was fought on October 21, 1600. There were campaigns in the north and south and all over the main island of Honshū. Unfortunately, since Sekigahara gets all the attention from historians, many of these other battles and sieges get set aside. Research on … Continue reading Other Sekigahara Sideshows

Lady ChaCha

Woodblock portrait of Lady ChaCha Kanji: 茶々 Date(s): December 1567 (1569?)-June 4, 1615 Other Known Names: Kikuko (childhood), ChaCha, O-Cha, Yodo no Kata, Ni no Maru-dono, Nishi no Maru-dono, Yodo-gimi, Yodo-dono, Daikōin Lady ChaCha, also known as Yodo-dono, was the eldest daughter of Azai Nagamasa and Oichi, Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s second wife and the mother to … Continue reading Lady ChaCha

Tachibana Ginchiyo

Woodblock painting of Tachibana Ginchiyo Tachibana Ginchiyo (September 23, 1569-November 30, 1602) was head of the Tachibana clan and an onna-bugeisha from the Sengoku Jidai. She was the only surviving child of Tachibana Dōsetsu, the “Lightning God”. She was an unconventional leader, and one of the few that had an entourage of trained and armed … Continue reading Tachibana Ginchiyo