A Case for Canonization: Hosokawa Gracia

Study for "Garasha Hosokawa", Wall Painting in Tamatsukuri Cathedral, Ōsaka by Domoto Insho, 1962 In the eyes of the Catholic Church, all Christians are called to be saints. Despite this, only a select few ever receive the title. Recently, I have managed to get a copy of Two Japanese Christian Heroes by Johannes Laures, S.J., which is … Continue reading A Case for Canonization: Hosokawa Gracia

Lady ChaCha

Woodblock portrait of Lady ChaCha Kanji: 茶々 Date(s): December 1567 (1569?)-June 4, 1615 Other Known Names: Kikuko (childhood), ChaCha, O-Cha, Yodo no Kata, Ni no Maru-dono, Nishi no Maru-dono, Yodo-gimi, Yodo-dono, Daikōin Lady ChaCha, also known as Yodo-dono, was the eldest daughter of Azai Nagamasa and Oichi, Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s second wife and the mother to … Continue reading Lady ChaCha

Matsunaga Hisahide: Villain of the Warring States?

https://youtu.be/4dk-6DRwriQ YouTube version of this article Matsunaga Hisahide as he appears in the anime 'Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Kings' “This Matsunaga guy… He’s known as the Villain of the Warring States but he hasn’t been doing anything.” This quote comes from Saratobi Sasuke in the middle of the seventh episode of Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Kings first season.(1) I have often thought … Continue reading Matsunaga Hisahide: Villain of the Warring States?