Sengokuchojyugiga Review

In short, I would say that this is Hetalia but for the Sengoku Jidai. Yet, it is more than just a silly shorts series that focuses on the Three Unifiers. Sengokuchojyugiga is an anime series that focuses on the history of the Sengoku Jidai in the style of chōjū-jinbutsu-giga, which is sometimes considered to be … Continue reading Sengokuchojyugiga Review

The Eiroku Incident

Ashikaga Yoshiaki in Samurai Warriors 5 In short, the Eiroku Incident can be described as the following: it is a collection of events that began with the assassination of Ashikaga Yoshiteru and ended with Ashikaga Yoshiaki’s installment as shōgun. It is a complicated time in Sengoku history, mainly due to the power vacuum that was … Continue reading The Eiroku Incident

Matsunaga Hisamichi

Matsunaga clan crest Matsunaga Hisamichi (February 8, 1543?—November 19, 1577) was the illegitimate son of Matsunaga Hisahide and the heir to the Matsunaga clan. Little is known about him and tends to be overshadowed by his more famous father; however, he was the one that was present at the assassination of the thirteenth Ashikaga shōgun, … Continue reading Matsunaga Hisamichi