Kyōgoku Maria

Kyōgoku Maria in Sengoku BASARA 4. Kanji: 京極マリア Date(s): 1543-August 20, 1618 Other Known Names: Yōfuku-in Azai clan mon Kyōgoku Maria was the daughter of Azai Hisamasa and the older sister to Azai Nagamasa. Very little is known about her, the only place being on Wikipedia, which is strange considering that she is claimed to be … Continue reading Kyōgoku Maria


Kaihime in Samurai Warriors 4 Kanji: 甲斐姫 Date(s): circa. 1572(?)-17th Century (year and cause of death unknown) Other Known Names: N/A Hōjō clan mon Kaihime was an onna-bugeisha from the Narita clan who served the Later Hōjō clan. She is well known for her grace and beauty, being called “the most beautiful woman in east Japan”, … Continue reading Kaihime