Cao Cao and Oda Nobunaga

Cao Cao hands a sake cup to Oda Nobunaga in a cutscene from Warriors Orochi 2 On July 1, 2021, Dynasty Warriors fans were treated to a live action version of the video game that has been going strong for the past twenty years. Unfortunately, most fans did not receive this film well, for at the time … Continue reading Cao Cao and Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobuhide

Dates: 1510-April 8, 1551 Kanji: 織田信秀 Other Known Names: N/A Oda clan mon Oda Nobuhide is most famous for being the father of Oda Nobunaga. He was born in 1510 in Shobata Castle in Owari Province. He was the eldest son of Oda Danjō no chu Nobusada. He was known for being a spirited leader, … Continue reading Oda Nobuhide